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Sangha Reflections

"New Year Greeting; two poems by Bill Ollinger"


No there?
Quickly around the corner it went
did you see it feel it know it?

Did you warm to it and savor its memories
that lie in your loves and desires
and accomplishments and learnings
did your wings spread and your senses dream
did your eves glimmer with rainbows and golden showers
did your soul bestir with soaring harmonies
and visions of hearts entwined?

Or was it a rapidly disappearing act
enmeshed in vaporous curtains
riven with shame and despair and frustration and fear
and alarms and lies and deceptions?

Do I know? Can you know?
perhaps not
the future will tell us

Upon this equivocating platform
stumbles in the new
its clarion call bellowing for all to be forgotten
or resolved or rearranged or redone
or will the universe find its double
so ought equals ought?

So join me or forget me and you and us and them
as the new year repeats its old self unimaginably
grotesquely beautifully ambiguously
carried henceforth by the tumultuous twins
wit and humor.


The end is near no far
rather it always is now and forever
a twirling fantasia of ecclesiastical flame
kept by you and I and them and us and all
to discover and sit
in wonderment and awe of raw beauty.

Perhaps it is as though the puffy bilious clouds
always aloft
send us messages of the timeless patterns of life
as they roam brilliant blue heavens
streaked with crimson and gold and layered with grays
and blacks and all shades in between.

This expanse over around and about ourselves
feeds us waters us lights us and darkens us
electrically and muddily
it is our salvation our foreverness
our comfort perhaps our sustenance.

Can this infinity be a cosmic bolt
running down your spine and stirring your soul
sent as it can only be sent by
time immemorial
with no beginning no end?


For you to doubt
for me to feel
for all of us to to ponder
reason torn asunder
no dream
but a dream within a dream
that does and does not matter.

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   ©2006 Mountain Source Sangha